In October 2016, Relate secured a further three-year NHS Any Qualified Provider (AQP) contract to provide general short term IAPT compliant counselling services to patients registered with a Herts Valleys GP Surgery in Hertfordshire.

Relate is a known and trusted national brand offering professional, high quality counselling services, delivered by a team of BACP accredited, expert practitioners. In addition to our core specialist relationship counselling work, since 2008, Relate has been providing general short-term counselling services to patients referred under various AQP contracts with the local NHS.

The new AQP contract enables us to accept referrals either direct from a GP or the Well-Being Service – Hertfordshire Partnership University Foundation NHS Trust (HPFT) for patients with mild to moderate depression.

Patients seeking a referral for counselling under this service should speak first with their GP to explore what treatment options are available for addressing their particular issue or concern.

The referral pathway for the new AQP contract is through the NHS DXS system. If this is not available then please send referrals to

Under the new AQP contract we offer up to 8 sessions of 50 minutes with a highly experienced and IAPT trained counsellor. We have four counselling locations across Dacorum, Watford and Three Rivers and can offer a range of different times and practitioners according to individual client need and preference.

We seek feedback from ALL our clients and below are some examples of comments from individuals who have accessed counselling services via the AQP contract:

I have been able to see things more clearly and feel less stressed about my ongoing situation

The support and guidance has been excellent from my counsellor. I am very grateful for all the help I have received. Thank you

Coming to these sessions have genuinely saved my life. It might sound extreme but I can’t imagine where I would be had I not had all the help, support & understanding I had. Genuinely, thank you so much, you are amazing.

This service has been exceptionally helpful at a really difficult time. The Counsellor’s skills and approachable personality made me feel at ease – I felt understood and supported. The service appeared, overall to be down to earth and comfortable. I would highly recommend this service to others.

If you have any questions, please contact our administration team on 01442 262618.

We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with our NHS colleagues to facilitate the local community accessing the counselling support made available through the AQP contract.